SuperGlue 5 Pak

New low price (Savings from 25% to 42%)

MSDS and TDS available

Over 30 years experience with this adhesive system

Non flammable, Non Hazardous, can be shipped UPS Air

Kit includes: Reusable case, (5) 2gm tubes, desiccant and pin



CA PLUS products are made to the industry's highest quality standards developed and manufactured in the USA.

CA PLUS families of cyanoacrylates are single, double and triple distilled to exact industry standards that meet today's production and engineering requirements.

CA PLUS offers the most comprehensive range of cyanoacrylates on the market today. These products bond the widest range of substrates in the fastest time with the highest bond strength of any other family of adhesives.

CA PLUS cyanoacrylates are single component adhesives that bond two surfaces together in seconds with out the use of solvents, heat or clamping pressure with shear strengths up to 4000+ psi. No mixing is required and the adhesives are clear and ready to use right from the bottle. They are easily automated to be applied right on the assembly line. They provide durable strength, good impact and vibration resistance, excellent aging and weathering characteristics. These cyanoacrylates are economical and meet Military Specification MIL A 46050C.